SalesEdge is a full stack sales consulting and advisory firm. With 10 years of supporting B2B leaders build top notch sales teams we understand that the first step to high performing sales team is to hire the right sales leader and reps. SalesEdge brings its 10 years of B2B sales expertise in supporting you not only hire the right folks but also readies them to hit the ground running for you from day one.


Selling high value solutions requires a special skill and finding these rock stars is a specialist's job too. We understand that you not only want to hire the right people, but want them to succeed and stay as well.

STEP 1: We Learn About You

  • We start by learning about your solutions, markets competitors and industry.
  • We agree on what kind of skills and attitude will it take to resolve this
  • We even help you craft the JD.

STEP 2: SalesEdge Skill Assessment Process ®

  • Shortlisted candidates take our proprietary sales skill assessment test
  • They go through a round of interview with our sales consultants
  • The filtered ones are then sent to you for interviews.

STEP 3: Get them job ready

  • You interview, shortlist, select and make an offer
  • Before they join you, we groom them 1:1 and make sure they hit the ground running day 1