Services Offered

1. Social media marketing, with engaging content that will quickly get you traction

2. Copy writing and storytelling to build personal brand, as well as the company’s.

3. Search Marketing,including search engine optimization and Google Analytics

4. Email Marketing - Reaching out to your existing users / subscribers with great content, offers, deals,and new product info.

5. Outsourced CMOWe run your marketing organization till you scale up to hire one fulltime.

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Partial List of Activities

1. Evangelize and promote your brand.

2. Assist and support the marketing team to prepare overall marketing strategy.

3. Develop and create key metrics to measure the impact of marketing.

4. Continue to develop and strengthen the unique and compelling voice to build brand awareness, relevance, reputation and esteem among target audience.

5. Ensure that the brand is strong and consistent in every marketing tactic and the storyiscommunicated with creativity andimpact.

6. Social Media: Support the digital marketing team/ agency effort to create a best in class social media presence that empowers the stake holders to spread the brand virally.“They see it,They get it,They Love it”

7. Rationalize disparate marketing efforts into compelling customer-centric strategic campaigns thatdrive tangible business outcomes. .

8. Identify and build relationships with think-tanks, events, trade associations etc for any partnering, marketing, and capability showcasingopportunity.

9. Ensure positive PR, be seen and heard in print, digital and electronicmedia

10. Align the organization internally around the brand and business objective.

11. Represent the organization in events andconferences.

Why Sales Edge ?

1. Not an agency, but an extended arm of your marketingorganization

2. An outsourced partner for strategic programs and projects that traditional agencies

3. Sales and marketing advisers to top global brands in diverse industries –IT, Healthcare, E-commerce, Telecom,Pharmaseuticals

4. Experts in services marketing and globalmarketing

5. Hands-on expert advisoryboard

6. First time right execution and SLA drivenapproach

7. 40 -60% savings on your existing marketingspends .

What our clients are saying

  • Continuous, constant support and prompt delivery!

    VP Marketing,

  • Their contenthas enabled us to double our ROI in 12months!


  • Helped us build a funnel of $5mil in 3 months

    VP Sales,Paladion