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SalesEdge is a pioneer and a leader in developing customized sales outsourcing solutions for each of its clients. We have spent a decade offering outsourcing sales and marketing solutions, evolving with clients' market needs and remaining at the forefront of innovative, outsourced sales approaches.

Working with small and large organizations around the world, we  use Sales as a Service (SaaS) model to deliver a comprehensive process that has helped companies ramp up their sales volumes.

We grow the programs from the ground up and incorporates critical organizational aspects, like a strong corporate culture, into the talent it develops, which then works for all types of companies around the world. Pioneering the sales as a service model, SalesEdge


We see sales-outsourcing process as an extension of your organization rather than a separate entity; the result is a seamless feel to everything that we develop  and implement for our clients.

Our Out-sourcing Services

1.Sales Outsourcing - We hire, train, and manage top notch reps who work to sell your products and services round the clock in the territories of your choice.

2.CRM Consulting - Whether it’s choosing the right tech or cleansing your sales databases we do it all.

3.Lead Generation - Drive revenue through highly focused inside sales team

4.Data enrichment - We support you in building the right database to target

10 reasons to choose us

We’ve been able to differentiate ourselves by setting up outsourced sales teams quickly while still providing a way for clients to maintain control over certain aspects, like those of targeting customers or territories, and product or service messaging.

Here are few more things about us that stands out:

  1. Proven and repeatable launch methodology
  2. Our reps get productive in less than 3 months and align with your corporate culture
  3. We are the creators of the world’s best B2B sales process – Our reps are trained, motivated and understand B2B selling
  4. Reduced and controlled cost of sales
  5. Senior executives and program managers – with industry experience and knowledge to build and manage sales teams.
  6. Sales and marketing is our core competency
  7.  Speed to market – Actively marketing and selling your solutions in 45- 60 days
  8. On-boarding process quickly adopts to your goals and objectives
  9. Scalable teams – You can increase or reduce your sales teams depending on the market conditions.
  10. Brand protection – Dedicated full time employees who represent you and your brand.